Ardens is currently looking for a Fifa 21 Team to join and represent Immenz in tournaments, join the discord to enquire! Ardens Stream Team is currently recruiting variety streamers for the team on the following platforms: Xbox, PS5 & PC

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Ardens Esports Organisation

Welcome to Ardens Esports, a multi-national Esports organisation made up of streamers and competitive gamers from around the world.

Ardens has several competitive teams currently competing in different leagues and tournaments in the following games: Valorant, Call of Duty, CS:GO and Rocket League, so make sure to check them out.

They also have a multi-national Twitch stream team, covering different genres of games from Ark Survival Evolved, Phasmophobia, CoD, Destiny 2 and many other great games that the gaming community love to play.

The team also consists of some competitive gamers from the Ardens competitive teams as well, so check them out and jump into the action with them.

Join Ardens Esports today to see what new greater heights you may be taken to!

Ardens Esports

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