Project Tiamat: A New Ark Survival Evolved Map

Welcome to Project Tiamat, a new Ark Survival Evolved Map being created & developed by Team Tiamat (Project Tiamat).

Playable version launching end of 2019!

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The Story

“After the survivors defeat the  earth destroying  kaiju, the Arks started  returning back to earth and brought life back as well.

The dead landscape turned back to life, everything started becoming green again and also the animals conquered areas back.  

Tiamat was one of the biggest and most important rescue missions because the gigantic water Ark carried the most important and powerful resource  on the earth away.  

We all know already what element is; we discovered good and bad element  and also the different faces of element but where does it come from  originally???  

The heart of TIAMAT is the origin of the element in its purest and cleanest consistence.  

An ancient civilisation once discovered the power of the blue looking crystals and started using it.  

Project  TIAMAT is not only  a Ark, it was also a mission to rescue one of the most important historical legacies on earth and the key to activate the restoration process on planet earth!

The Dev Team

  • Evolanca – Map Owner, Concept, WM Landscape, Leveldesign and much more…
  • Buttman  – Mentoring, Leveldesign, Blueprinting, Optimisations, Bugfixes and much more…
  • Ladrienn – Imports, Testing, CommunityModeration, Shoulder for crying

Already known Bioms

  • Coral Reef (Water)  NEW
  • Challenger Trench(Water)  NEW
  • Challenger Caverns(Water)  NEW
  • Pillar Islands(Water)  NEW
  • Swampy Moor (Water/Land)
  • Chalk Hills (Land)
  • Drachenberg(Land)-
  • Sequoia Forest(Land)
  • Central Island(Land/Water)- Grasslands(Land)
  • Deathzone(doesn‘t matter u will be dead soon)

Official Project Tiamat English Ark Streamer

Catch L1L_F3LL4 here on Twitch!

L1L_F3LL4 has been chosen to be the English Ark Streamer to sneak peak / showcase the map as it develops, and when it is at a playable stage will show this awesome map in all its Glory!