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Community Rules

These Rules cover both the Stream Channel / Stream Chat, Community Game Servers, Discord and Wyvern Realm Forums. Please abide by them, otherwise you may find yourself banned.

They are here to keep the harmony in the Community, and also to protect you as an individual.

  • No religious/political discussions, lets keep it neutral & respectful
  • Don’t discriminate (No Racism/Sexism etc) – this won’t be tolerated, this may result in a ban from the Discord, Twitch, Forum and/or Game Servers
  • If you think you shouldn’t type it – don’t! – Just use some common sense
  • Be respectful to your fellow Discord/ Game Servers / Forum / Twitch users – we’re all here to have fun and enjoy being part of a community
  • Use Self Promotion channel in the Discord or Forum to promote your Social Media platforms (Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube, Other)
  • Posting links in the non relevant Discord Channels or Twitch Stream Chat that promotes other Discords, Twitch channels or other social media links is not allowed

Wyvern Realm Information

Below you can find all the information you may be looking for, so take your time and browse, the website is not just for the Twitch Channel but also there to support fellow Content Creators and Organisations that L1L_F3LL4 is part of.


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