Cygnus Pizza Race: October 31st the Tournament of Champions kicks off! Eight of the best racers ever to pilot a Cygnus Pizza ship will compete in brutal head-to-head races to find the ultimate champion!

Cygnus Pizza Race

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Cygnus Pizza Race Tournament

Welcome to Smugglers of Cygnus: Cygnus Pizza Race Game, a mini game created by Longplay Games as part of the Smugglers of Cygnus universe. Here you are a pizza delivery driver, can you get all the toppings you need and be the fastest delivery driver out there whilst competing against fellow delivery drivers? Give it a go, only then will you know!


There have been 7 Tournaments to date; January, March, April, May, June, July and August 2021,all being highly successful Tournaments with plenty of action. Two more official tournaments left, plus a fun tournament for November before the Champions of Champions tournament in December where all the champions will compete to be crowned the ultimate Cygnus Pizza Race Champion.

There where 12 confirmed participants for the seventh Cygnus Pizza Race Tournament that was held in August, which was even more hotter seventh time round, with a lot of unexpected results, fierce competition, fun, and of course plenty of trash talk banter.

The eight Tournament of Cygnus Pizza Race will be happening September 2021 with the top 8 racers with the best times qualifying to take part in the bracket races to battle it out to be Septembers CPR Champion, signup here to take part!

You can find more information regarding past participants and tournaments or the current upcoming tournament here.

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Cygnus Pizza Race

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All streams are currently offline.

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Past Cygnus Pizza Race Participant