Wyvern Realm Game Servers

Hosted by GTX Gaming

Access Requirements

  • Drop a Twitch Follow
  • Join the Discord
  • Read & Sign the Ark / Space Engineers / Elite Dangerous Server Rules on the discord
  • Let us get to know you a little in stream and on Discord before we give you Steam ID access


To the Realm Game Servers of the Wyvern Army, the Community behind L1L_F3LL4 and Angelbee86

If you are looking for a fun community to play with and make some new friends including having a load of fun then you are in the right place!

Currently we have 3 Modded Ark Servers: the Realm Cluster (Genesis, Tiamat, Crystal Isles) for people to join able to hold 10 players at a time each.

We also have a Modded Space Engineers server with 10 spots as well.

  • NOTE:
    • All Game Servers are Tier 1 Sub or Twickle Sub access only (Twickle Info)

If you are interested and would like to join please drop a follow on Twitch via our Twickle page, Subscribe to the Channel (Tier 1or Prime Sub only required) or if a Community member redeem 30k Twickle Points for a months access, join the Discord, read / sign the relevant Server Rules and ask for a Ark/Space Engineers Game Server Admin or Staff Member for Server access.

NOTE: Twickle Perks (What you can use your Twickle Points for)

Community / Twitch Info Links

Streamer Access to Wyvern Realm Servers

If you are a Streamer and would like to Stream from the servers please contact us via Discord or Twitter DMs.

  • Free Access
  • All Game Servers Included
  • Join the Wyvern Realm Discord for server updates
  • Drop a Follow on Twitch (Follow given back)
  • Help to Advertise the Servers
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Other
  • Followers can either Tier 1 Sub to your Channel or L1L_F3LL4’s
  • Alternatively your followers can redeem a 1 month Twickle Game Server Access via L1L_F3LL4s channel (Twickle)
  • Your Followers will need to be vouched by you before they can join
  • Steam ID will need to be provided for Whitelist Access

Ark Servers

Ark Streamer

Eternal Mod Creator

Welcome to the Realm Ark Cluster, are you looking for an adventure? You are in the right place!

Offering a Cluster with with Genesis and Crystal Isles DLCs plus the Modded Map Tiamat.

Explore this amazing cluster, maybe get lost in a volcanic cave on Genesis, explore the beautiful but dangerous Crystal Isles Landscape, or even get lost in the shimmering oceans of Tiamat.

Hosting the Ark: Eternal Mod as our core dino mod a long with CKFR and CKFR Science building Mods along with a list of many other wonderful mods to get your creativity and adventuring going.

  • Ark Server Rules (Read Version)
  • Realm Cluster Mod List (Genesis & Crystal Isles Official DLC) (19 Mods in total)
  • Realm Cluster Stats & Rates List
    • Player Cap – 300
    • Vanilla Dino Level 600
    • 2x XP
    • 3x Harvest
    • 4x Taming
    • Mid Ground Breeding changes to pair for a more vanilla lite game-play

Ark Cluster Info

  • Realm Cluster
    • Genesis:
    • Tiamat:
    • Crystal Isles:

Space Engineers

NOTE: SE Server us currently not live or avalabile to play on – new server map revamp will be done in 2-3 months to bring some new content / gameplay styles

We currently run a modded Space Engineers server that provides a balance between Survival, Ship and Base Building, AI interaction.

We have included some Modded Planets as well that offer unique environments to each so no one planet will be the same.

Elite Dangerous

We currently run a private grouped multiplayer server.

If you would like to join, join the discord and enquire. Contact L1L_F3LL4 or Jugulagrunt to be invited to our private group game

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