Welcome to ImmenZ Esports

Welcome to the Immenz Esports Organisation, a multi-national Esports Organisation made up of Streamers and Competitive Gamers from around the world.

Headed by our Founder Climax and CEO Outbr3ak spear heading ImmenZ to greater heights.

Stream Team

The ImmenZ Esports Stream Team is made up of Variety of Content Streamers from Twitch and YouTube, who play different game Genres, from Survival to Indie Games.

Thrown into the mix of the Stream Team as part of the Roster are some of the Competitive players who compete as part of the ImmenZ Competitive Teams where you will see them competing in competitions for Fifa, Rainbow Six Siege and Rogue Company.

L1L_F3LL4 is the Stream Team Lead, leading the team to gain exposure for the ImmenZ Organisation and show exactly what ImmenZ is all about, Variety and Competitive Gaming.

If you would like to be part of this Organisation as a Stream Team or Competitive Team member then join the Discord, become part of the Community and enquire! Where will ImmenZ take you?!

Official Matches for Competitive Teams

Our Belgium Warriors go at it again in the @ESEA CSGO open season!
Tune in tonight at 8:30pm GMT+1

#csgo #eSports

Hey Streamers,
Looking for an org or team?

We are scouting & recruiting popular streamers to join our excellent stream team/community.

Here is a really interesting discord link to check out our offerings!
#recruitment #twitch #streaming


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ImmenZ Staff

  • Outbreak: CEO
  • Climax: COO / Founder
  • L1L_F3LL4: 3IC / Chief Administrative Officer /Stream Stream Manager / ImmenZ Head Website Editor

Immenz Teams

  • Esports Ibiza Fifa GafferFifa: Team Leader
  • RC: R6S NA Team Leader
  • Rogue Company: TBC

Social Links

Check out the ImmenZ Social links for more information and to keep track of what is currently going on inside the organisation, when the Stream Team is Live or even to see when the Competitive Teams are playing!

Business Inquiries

Please contact us via email for any business enquiries.

Current Immenz Esports Teams