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Platform Streamer Partners

The role held by those that have teamed up with Voxpopgames to showcase the Indie Games from the Platform and who are part of the official Open Beta Voxpopgames Platform.

The Voxpopgames Platform Originally launched as the Close Beta on 20/04/20 and is now live as the Open Beta, it’s worth a checkout as of 28/09/20 there have been a lot of platform updates along with a whole host of new Indie Games to the Platform.

The Platform Streamer Partner Team showcase some amazing Indie Games from the Platform to the Twitch Community and to support the Voxpopgames Official Indie Developers who are hard at work as ever!

Voxpopgames Platform Streamer Team

These Streamers are from various countries around the world who have a common passion to play some great Indie Games developed by some amazing and talented Indie Developers.

Their goal is not to just stream these games, but to help support some fantastic Indie Developers, their games to a wider audience and beyond.

What’s the best way to do that than by Streaming them on one of the best Stream Platforms; Twitch, a long with banter and chat as they attempt these games!

Voxpopgames also has some Indie Developers who are part of the Voxpopgames Community who also stream their own games as well, check them out when you get a chance!

Do check out the Platform Partner Streamers when they are live and support some awesome Streamers / Indie Developers by watching, who knows you might see a game you want to try!


If you would like more infomation or even would like to join the Voxpopgames Platform Streamer Team check out some of the links below!

Voxpopgames Channel

Voxpopgames Platform Partner & Indie Dev Streamers


“As a huge fan of indie games, the indie community, and having fun, I have created this Let’s Play channel to showcase (and gush over) indie games. I will be playing a variety of games, with the goal of showing off the hard work of many different independent developers.”