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Stream Elements Bot


Angelbee86 is L1L F3LL4’s wife and will duo stream with him from time to time when she is able to. You will find her buzzing around in the Discord or Stream, including trolling L1L.


VolatileAeon is one of L1L F3LL4’s Stream and Discord Mods and is a long serving Community Member.

She also helps to run / maintain the Wyvern Realm Ark Servers as Team Lead and is a Ark Server Admin.


Sindra20 is a long term community member who has been part of the community since the early days of L1L F3Ll4’s streaming.

She is one of his Stream Mods and also helps to mod his discord. You find her trolling L1L, she’s the biggest troll ever ?


Deepaws_Deanne has been part of L1L F3LL4’s community for a long time.

She helps to Mod for L1L_F3LL4’s Streams and Discord.

She is also a fellow Twitch Streamer as well.


Stream Mod for L1L_F3LL4, been part of his community pretty much from the beginning. He’s known as the mad scientist.

Stream Elements Bot

This Bot manages the Stream & Stream Elements Obs side of things when L1L_F3LL4 is live.

Keeping the realm safe

Community Rules

These Rules cover both the Stream Channel / Stream Chat, Community Game Server(s), Discord and any other Wyvern Realm Community Areas. Please abide by them, otherwise you may find yourself banned. They are here to keep the harmony in the Community, and also to protect you as an individual.

  • No religious/political discussions, lets keep it neutral & respectful
  • Do not discriminate against others (Racism/Sexism etc), this will not be tolerated, this may result in a ban from the Discord, Twitch, Forum and/or Game Servers
  • If you think you shouldn’t type it, DON’T, Just use some common sense
  • Be respectful to your fellow Discord/ Game Server / Forum / Twitch users, we’re all here to have fun and enjoy being part of a community
  • Use #self-promotion channel in the Discord to promote your Social Media platforms (Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube) or other relevant things like Blogs or free games that people can get etc.
  • Posting links in the non relevant Discord Channels or Twitch Stream Chat that promotes other Discords, Twitch channels or other social media links is not allowed
  • Help keep things safe in the community
  • If you have an issue with a fellow member discuss it respectfully in DMs
  • The Discord / Twitch Mods reserve the right to remove you from the community or media platforms if they feel rules have been broken
  • Use the u#help-ticket when you need help with something to do with the Discord or Game Server(s)

Stream Elements

How to Earn Wyvern Eggs

You can earn Wyvern Eggs (loyalty points) in two ways, playing the stream mini games and earning Wyvern Eggs via key features below:

  • 100 Wyvern Eggs every 10mins of watching the Stream (Subs get x2 multiplier 10mins) (automatic)
  • 10K  Eggs for Following the Twitch Channel (automatic)
  • 10K Eggs for joining the Discord(manual)
  • 10K  Eggs for Subbing (automatic) 
  • 10K Eggs for Gift Subbing (awarded per sub – manual)
  • 10K Eggs for hosting the channel (automatic) 
  • 1K Eggs per £1 tipped for non anonymous tips (automatic) 
  • 1K Eggs for every 100 bits cheered (automatic) 
  • 1K Eggs for every clip (manual – please post your clip link in the stream chat for me to verify)
  • 4K Eggs for turning up into the Stream in the 10min Live Countdown (manual) (Viewers: 4K  / VIP: 5K / Subs: 10K)

Stream Loyalty - Wyvern Eggs

Being rewarded for your Loyalty

Stream Engagement

We appreciate everyone that comes to watch the stream, so why not get involved by engaging in stream chat, L1L F3LL4 and Angelbee love chatting to everyone, so why not chat away and get to know us, you never know where the conversation may take us!

Whilst you chat away you will also be earning 15 Wyvern Eggs every 10mins, you can use your earnt Wyvern Eggs to engage with the stream in other ways by taking part in the Stream Mini Games (Wyvern Eggs can be earnt playing the Mini Games), Store Item Soundbites to use throughout the Stream (50 Wyvern Eggs per use) and Giveaways when we do them.



  • Store Item Sound Cost: 50 Wyvern Eggs (dropped down from 250)
  • User Cool down: 10 Seconds
  • Global Cool Down: 0 Seconds (To allow multiple viewers to use it)

Soundbite Commands

Use !redeem [example]

  • hello
  • goodbye
  • horn
  • hype
  • fun_spooky
  • ba_dum
  • tadaa_bomb
  • woop_woop
  • dun_dun_duuuun
  • sad_trombone
  • denied
  • mine_mine

Stream Mini Games

Stream Avatar / Stream Elements Mini Games

  • !sraffle – Chance for single winner to win some points
  • !raffle – Chance for multiple viewers to win some points
  • [Mod] !BOSS – !join [mage/warrior/priest] (Group boss battle)
  • [Mod ]!Basketball – !join {red/blue} – Red vs Blue Team / MVP bonus points
  • [Mod] !Battleroyale – FFA, who will be victorious?
  • !Duel [@viewer] [points] -Dual a fellow viewer
  • Bonus Star – !jump to grab the bonus star!
  • !bet – !bet [points] (use !bet to see bet options)
  • !Slots – !slots [points] – Play the slots and try to win!

Stream Store

Use your hard earned Wyvern Eggs to reward yourself for supporting the Twitch channel by checking out the Wyvern Stream Store. We have some amazing store items that you can purchase!


What you can spend your points on?

  • Mystery Steam game keys
  • Named Steam game keys
  • Stream engagement Soundbites
  • Pandora / Abbie Cuddles



L1L F3LL4’s Twitch Channel

Past Broadcasts

L1L F3LL4’s Twitch Channel