Mini Games / Stream Avatars / Wyvern Eggs

Engage During the Stream

Take part in the stream’s Streamelements and Stream Avatars mini games and have some fun with your fellow viewers! You can also have some fun with L1L F3Ll4 as well, dare to duel him or place a bet? 

Both streamelements and stream avatars are interlinked so Wyvern Eggs earnt via stream avatars will be updated on the streamelements wyvern eggs loyalty platform.

You can earn yourself some Wyvern Eggs in stream for simply being active in the Stream chat, playing the mini games, and interacting with your Stream Avatar plus much more!

All the Wyvern Eggs from the Stream mini games are awarded by the Stream Elements Loyalty system via the bot Stream side as part of your overall Wyvern Eggs (type !wyverneggs in stream chat to see your total point eggs you have acquired).

Stream Elements

How to Earn Wyvern Eggs

Loyalty Platform

Stream Elements is the official Loyalty points platform used by L1L F3LL4 to reward his Community members and Twitch viewers for their support and loyalty. Check out the Wyvern Eggs leaderboard to see how many Eggs you have and more.

  • Win – Points can be won by engaging in the Stream’s mini games run by Stream Avatars and Stream Elements
  • Earn – Points can be earnt in stream by dropping a follow, donating, subscribing, cheering or even hosting the stream
  • Be rewarded – Points are earnt every 10mins for watching the stream
  • Avatars – Use your stream avatars to grab the bonus stars that will appear from time to time

In Stream Wyvern Eggs

Check how many Wyvern Eggs you have on the Leaderboard!

You can earn Wyvern Eggs (loyalty points) in two ways, playing the stream mini games and earning Wyvern Eggs via key features below:

  • 100 Wyvern Eggs every 10mins of watching the Stream (Subs get x2 multiplier 10mins) (automatic)
  • 10K Eggs for Following the Twitch Channel (automatic)
  • 10K Eggs for joining the Discord (manual)
  • 10K  Eggs for Subbing (automatic)
  • 10K Eggs for Gift Subbing (automatic)
  • 10K Eggs for hosting the channel (automatic)
  • 1K Eggs per £1 tipped for non anonymous tips (automatic)
  • 1K Eggs for every 100 bits cheered (automatic)
  • 1K Eggs for every clip (manual – please post your clip link in the stream chat for me to verify)
  • 4K Eggs for turning up into the Stream in the 10min Live Countdown (manual) (viewers: 4K / VIP: 7K / Subs: 10K)
  • End of Stream (5K)

Discord Wyvern Eggs

You can earn additional Wyvern Eggs by joining the Discord (10k Eggs manually given) and being an active participant in the relevant channels!

  • Reaching the relevant “Realm Rank” which will earn you 5k eggs every 5th rank reached (e.g Realm 5 / Realm 10 / Realm 15 etc)
    • Following channels will earn you XP in the discord: #cygnus-pizza-race #screenshots #general-gaming-chat #ark-cluster-chat #ark-chat #show-and-tell #fun-zone #pets-real-life-other #food-porn #game-suggestions #realm-chat #patreon-supporter-chat
  • Nitro Boosting the server – every month you Nitro Boost you will earn 10k eggs

NOTE: Please submit a “help-ticket” on the discord to claim your Wyvern Eggs which will be added by Edward / L1L_F3LL4 or a Wyvern Court Staff member via the stream chat.

Ranks will be verified by checking your discord profile and Mee6 bot will assign these “Realm Rank” automatically when you hit the required level.

Stream Soundbitse

Engage with during the Stream

Viewers can engage with L1L_F3LL4 whilst he is streaming using setup soundbites specifically for the stream. You can use your Wyvern Eggs to redeem a soundbite at a cost of 50 Wyvern Eggs.

React when L1L_F3LL4 dies in game, does something silly, a raid comes in or anything else really that the soundbites can b e used for!

Simply type !redeem and the associated item name to redeem:

  • hello
  • goodbye
  • horn
  • hype
  • spooky
  • ba_dum
  • tadaa
  • woop
  • dun
  • sadt
  • denied
  • mine_mine

Stream Avatars

Avatar Commands

NOTE: Not all actions will work with everyone Avatar

Use !mass [action] to make all the avatars do the same action.

  • !attack [@viewer]
  • !cry
  • !dance
  • !duel[@viewer] [bet]
  • !fart
  • !jump
  • !move
  • !bomb [@viewer]
  • !sit
  • !stand
  • !transform
  • !what
  • !sleep
  • !love
  • !sing
  • !surprise
  • !sling

Stream Elements

Mini Games

  • !sraffle – Chance for single winner to win some points
  • !raffle- Chance for multiple viewers to win some points
  • !8ball- Talk to the Eight Ball & see what it has to say to you! (Use emotes or ask a question!)
  • Emote Combos– Chat spams the same emotes X amount to unlock emote combo streaks
  • Emote Pyramid – Create emote pyramids for fun & activate the emote announcement!

Stream Avatars

Mini Games

  • !BOSS –  !join [mage/warrior/priest] (Group boss battle)
  • !Basketball – !join {red/blue} – Red vs Blue Team, which team will win and get all the points? Who will be MVP and get the extra bonus points?
  • !Battleroyale – Starts a special visual Avatar vs Avatar FFA, who will be victorious! Everyone automatically joins!
  • Duel – !Duel [@viewer] [points] – Dual a fellow viewer & make a bet on who will win
  • Minigame Spawn – Bonus Star will win, use the Avatar Commands to catch it!
  • Roulette – !bet [points] Red/black/odd/even/0-36/ 1st12/2nd12/3rd12
    NOTE: Type !bet to get the additional command additions shown in stream chat
  • Slots – !slots [points] – Play the slots and try to win, putting in x amount will not guarantee you will win that amount back & more