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Welcome to the Realm

The Wyvern Realm is the brand name behind the Twitch streamer L1L_F3LL4, originally known as the Wyvern Army which was taken as a concept from what is his Twitch community.

He has been streaming since September 2018 as a part time streamer and from this the creation of the website Wyvern Realm.

The wordpress website was originally intended as a go to place for Information regarding his Twitch / Discord community, game servers and Twitch stream, however as time progressed L1L F3LL4 realised the potential the website could have than being a mere portal for viewers and his community.


When the website first started it used a basic wordpress theme then moved over to using the GoodGame theme, and as of 13/02/21 the sites 2.0 relaunch went live, utilising Streamweasels Ultima Gaming theme which brought a fresh new look, templates with a ton of features to really make things pop out and way to really further support streamers and organisations supported on the Realm.


Potential That Lies Ahead…

With L1L F3LL4 realising he could do a lot more with the site he found new ways to evolve it, the first major addition to the site was adding a new Live Streamers section to showcase any streamers he has come across on his time on Twitch, supporting fellow streamer friends and helping to support streamers in general, isn’t it great when you support someone!

Using the Streamweasels Twitch wall pro branded plugin L1L F3LL4 was able to showcase those he supported in a unique way, allowing visitors to view live streams directly from the website and also engage in that particular streamers stream chat, you’ll find on key pages this plugin being utilised to really give those Twitch channels a presence on his site.

Beyond this, L1L F3LL4 has also started supporting different organisations relevant to his Twitch streaming and that he’s been part of for a while helping them in any way he can.

The Journey


As time went by L1L F3LL4 joined as a member of Ardens Esports, a small Esports organisation looking to grow and compete in various leagues and tournaments with their own competitive teams.

Over a period of a year or so has risen amongst the rank as a trusted community member holding the title of chief administrative officer dealing with tasks regarding the discord, running of the organisation and now the Ardens website pages on the Wyvern Realm.

L1L F3LL4 also heads the Ardens Stream Team who are made up of various streamers from around the world streaming various genres of games on the Twitch streaming platform.


You will find L1L F3LL4 working a long side the owner of Ardens, Outbreak, helping him to grow the organisation and bringing new teams to the Ardens name, a long with creating great content with his fellow Ardens streamers.

Through Ardens Esports L1L F3LL4 joined VoxPop Games, a new indie gaming platform to the gaming scene, helping small indie developers get that games onto a platform catered just  for indie gaming and an alternative to big platforms like Steam.

L1L F3LL4 got involved with the VoxPop Games community by becoming a platform streaming partner, with time and effort has also become one of their very first sponsored streaming partners, teaming up with the platform developer partners (indie developers) who have upcoming or current games on the VoxPop Games platform to showcase these amazing games by awesome indie developers on his Twitch channel.

He is also now a Discord mod helping the VoxPop community intermingle and helping both new streamers and developers to the fold on how it all works and getting the partners working together to showcase some really well developed indie games.

If you would like to check out the VoxPop Games desktop client please check it out here, alternatively you can also check out some of the current and upcoming indie games on the web platform as well.

What’s Happening Now?

With the 2.0 relaunch on the 13/02/21 L1L F3LL4 is now looking at how he can further support the current streamers and organisations, looking at various things such as website performance, page layouts, new content, new features like blogging and YouTube content looking.

He is always looking at ways to improve and to further his passion for streamers he’s come across / watched or the passion for the organisations he is part of.

It is literally a one man army running the website, as L1L F3LL4 works a full time job and has to split his time between streaming, website work, work in real life, real life itself and of course his first passion; his wife Angelbee86.

If you would like to check the Wyvern Realm site more please drop by, you may find something you did not expect.

As L1L F3LL4 would say; “keep it fiery!”.

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About the Author

L1L F3LL4 is a Streamer on the Twitch Platform primarily streaming Survival games like Ark Survival Evolved, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous and various other games since September 2018

Also streams Indie Games from the VoxPop Games Platform as one of their Sponsored Streaming Affiliates supporting the VP Indie Developer community to showcase their awesome games on his Twitch Channel, he also Mods on the VP Discord as well

He is also part of the Ardens Esports Organisation helping to spear head their Stream Team as Ardens’s Stream Team Manager, whilst being head Website Editor for the Ardens web pages on the Wyvern Realm site.

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