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Cygnus Pizza Race

Race Tournaments

The Cygnus Pizza Race Tournaments happen once a month dependent on scheduling and commitments by the Longplay_Games Dev team, the past tournaments have happened in January, March, April, May, June, July and August of 2021, the eighth Tournament Season 2 of the Cygnus Pizza Race will be live from the 15th September for participants to start racing the voted tracks.

Track voting ends Tuesday, September 14th, signups end Thursday, September 16th, and brackets will be announced on the Friday the 17th!

The 18th – 19th September will be hot as racers battle it out by milliseconds to get the best times on the bracket tracks if they reach the top eight in the qualifying track

Who will be crowned Septembers Cygnus Pizza Race winner to compete in Decembers champions of champions tournament finale!

Take part and claim your title as the  fastest Pizza Delivery Driver in the Cygnus universe!