VoxPop Games: Guardians of Lodino Forest

Guardians of Lodino Forest: Made for VoxPop Games version – Game Review by Twitch Streamer KiroKatchi

Guardians Of Lodino Forest is an old retro Arcade single player style Golf game that has a twist of a moving ball that hops onto tee-holders that shoot you, where you in return have to dodge and shoot down the moving ball.

From the game’s art-style to its intuitive and familiar joystick control with two button functionality although this is a keyboard & mouse game(as of this review). Fans of similar retro games should feel right at home.

The swing system is simple and feels natural — once you kill the moving ball to a blinking red beacon a meter at the bottom of the screen moves from left to right and back giving it that old Golf feel from the ATARI and NES days, once you click to stop, hopefully in a “sweet spot” it has that familiar sound, that’s because it is.


The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy works well here.  Eighteen courses are available to play on. Each has its own unique look and layout, with a variety of a unique golf ball attacking you as you progress through the game. Unfortunately there are no lead-boards or any incentive to replay a play through besides challenging friends and yourself to get the perfect score and find the Easter-egg.

At $2.99 cheaper than a cup of coffee at most places, Guardians Of Lodino Forest is a nice diversion for gamers looking for a simple, action shoot-em golf title that will keep you entertained for a few hours.  The game is very well-done and fun to play. It is one of few games that I currently recommend on the VoxPop Platform.

About the Author

KiroKatchi is a streamer on the Twitch streaming platform. He is a member of the VoxPop Games community and is also a platform streaming partner for VoxPop Games streaming games from their platform and helping to support the Developers who have games on there.