Guide for VoxPop Games Indie Devs


Firstly, congratulations on becoming a Platform Dev Partner with VoxPop Games and welcome to the VP Community! You are about to embark on a journey of discovery into a new scene front that is specifically designed to help support small Indie Developers.

If you have not met me before I am L1L F3LL4, a Streamer on the Twitch Platform who primarily streams survival games like Ark Survival Evolved and Elite Dangerous to name two.

I am also one of the Discord Mods here on the VoxPop Games Discord where I help support SalamiAttack and Holly by pointing people in the right direction or answering any questions both Streamers and Devs alike might have, so please do not hesitate to drop me a DM or ask me a question!

Most importantly I am one of the Platform Streaming Partners / VoxPop Sponsored Streaming Affiliates who will be supporting you as a Indie Dev by playing your Game(s) that get released on the VP Platform on my Twitch Indie Streams.

This blog I hope will give you a basic introduction to get you situated within the VP Community and hopefully answer some questions you may have already regarding how things are done…so have no fear, read below!

Discord Channels

When you first join the Discord there are some key channels you need to be made aware of that are there to inform you and to provide help.

  • Announcements – SalamiAttack or Holly will use this channel to post any important updates regarding the Platform e.g new features, VP news, bug fixes, new devs that have joined etc
  • Game Launch Announcements – Announcements of when the Indie Dev(s) games go live on the VP Platform
  • Rules & Info – Some basic info about VoxPop Games, Discord Rules, Platform FAQs, Feedback Questionaire, Channel list and their purposes

Getting your Game on the VP Platform / Showcased

If you are new to VoxPop Games and are looking to get your first Indie Game on the Platform please contact SalamiAttack in DMs and he will discuss with you what needs to be done for this to happen.

So what do you do now I hear you say? Once your game is on the platform you definitely most likely want to get it promoted by one of our Platform Streaming Partners, this is where the discord channel “Bounty Board” under the Developers category comes into play.

I must stress this channel is probably one of the most important channel’s you will want to use to get your games show cased and exposed to a wider audience, we the Platform Streaming Partners are here to support you and your games!

Here you can @Platform Streaming Partner and request to see if anyone of us would like to play your game on our Streams (the answer is yes! This is why we are here, to check out some awesome Indie Games!). You may also see the Platform Streaming Partners request in here as well to see if any Dev Partners want their games streamed.

Gifting Your Game on the VP Platform

So many of you have asked me how you go about gifting a game to one of the Platform Streaming Partners for them to play (usually I will myself go buy the game I plan to stream as an extra way to support a Indie Dev however sometimes this is not possible).

Gifting a game is a great way to get a Streamer to promote your game, currently the only way to do this is by contacting SalamiAttack and he will sort this his end and get the game gifted to said Streamers VP Profile on the platform.

In the future there will be a feature to allow VP Developers themselves to gift games to Streamers or to people in general who have a VP Platform profile.

I do advise you to use this method to encourage people to download the VP Platform as this will serve the VP Platform, Streamers and Developers in a more effective way to promote VoxPop Games.

How can you help the Platform Streaming Partners

Hopefully the above has helped give some idea how the partnership between the VP Platform Streaming Partners and Platform Dev Partners works.

Read below for some personal Tips from me that may further help you.

Pre Platform Launch
  • Consider using the bounty board on the Discord to see if any of the Platform Streaming Partners would like to promote a pre launch of your game on the VP Platform
  • This way they can drum up hype for the official launch and gain some early interest in your game
Demo Feature
  • In the recent Platform update the new Demo feature was launched which allows the platform to host Demos of your game(s)
  • Consider creating a playable Demo(s) which will be a F2P version
  • Having Demos on the Platform will also allow the Platform Streaming Partners to drum up some hype and interest in your game before the full version is launched
  • It will also allow other Platform users to check your game out as well beforehand so they can make a informed decision to buy your game, less chance of them asking for a refund too
  • Demos can be found either by searching under Store > All > Search Bar > Typing Demo
  • Alternatively you can also find them under “My Games”
Don’t be shy
  • The Platform Streaming Partners are a great group of Streamers, we’re easy to get a long with and love Indie Games
  • Approach us for a chat in “Every Voice Matters” channel for good chat or of course the “Bounty Board”, we want to stream your game(s) and support Indie Developers
How to help the Streamers when promoting your Game
  • Provide a Press kit, we can use this to promote your game visually on our Streams and have some knowledge about your game and Company / Studio to talk about during our Stream
  • Discuss with the Streamer a suitable time and day they could stream your game that works for you and them, having you around in the Stream will allow us to promote you, get our viewers engaging with you if they have any questions about your game
  • Discuss with them any key info you might want to be mentioned to get the viewers enticed!


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About the Author

L1L F3LL4 is a Streamer on the Twitch Platform primarily streaming Survival games like Ark Survival Evolved, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous and various other games since September 2018

Also streams Indie Games from the VoxPop Games Platform as one of their Sponsored Streaming Affiliates supporting the VP Indie Developer community to showcase their awesome games on his Twitch Channel, he also Mods on the VP Discord as well

He is also part of the Ardens Esports Organisation helping to spear head their Stream Team as Ardens’s Stream Team Manager, whilst being head Website Editor for the Ardens web pages on the Wyvern Realm site.