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P2P Profit Sharing Platform

Welcome to the VoxPop Games Platform, a Profit-Sharing, P2P, Game Distribution and Development Indie Platform company that helps to support both Indie Game Developers and Streamers alike.

The Streamers team up with the Indie Developers to showcase their games via the Voxpopgames Platform on Streaming Platform Twitch to their Channel and the wider Twitch Community.

A great way for small Indie Developers to get their games showcased that may struggle to get their games shown on more developed platforms like Steam where they have a huge genre.

VoxPop Games

Platform Streaming Partner

VoxPop Games has a Platform Streaming Partner Team that works with the Platform Developer Partner Team that have upcoming / soon to be released / Live on the VoxPop Games Platform Indie Games to help show case their Indie Games to the wider Twitch Community and more.

The Streaming Team and Indie Developers work closely together and is growing into an amazing Community supporting both Streamers and small Indie Developers alike, with some awesome games on the platform and soon to come.

Download the VoxPop Games Desktop Client today or check out the web store to see some of the amazing Indie Games that are currently available on the platform, do check out the Streamers Profiles on there to see what games they have played and recommend!

Buying a Streamers Recommended Game helps to support both the Streamer and Indie Developer behind the game as the sale of the game is split between both.

VoxPop Games: Stream Channels

COO of VoxPop Games | Official VoxPop Games Channel | L1L F3LL4: Sponsored Streamer

VoxPop Games

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