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VoxPop Games is not just about Indie Games and the Developers behind them, but those that help to provide a broader audience reach through streaming instead of the traditional game stores like Steam, you can find more info about it all here.

There is a Team of Streamers who are part of the Community and form the Platform Streamer Team who will specifically stream games from the VoxPop Games Platform.

The Platform Streamers come from various parts of the world and backgrounds, but all have a passion to play and stream Indie Games, and VoxPop Games helps to open a new door into this Genre.

So the question here, is how do the Platform Streamers benefit from being part of a unique Community and how does VoxPop Games work to link Streamers and Indie Developers?

It’s pretty simple…

  • VoxPop Games works to signup Streamers and Indie Developers to the Platform Teams
  • Signed Developers can upload their games to the Platform for users to buy and may also be able to get their games as VP Exclusives which will only be available on the Platform
  • Platform Streamers can buy games on the Platform via peoples Recommendations and help to support that Streamer and Developer where they will get a share of the Game Sale
  • Platform Streamers may even become Sponsored Streamers and gain access to a free game each month (Terms & Conditions apply)

It’s also worth mentioning that I myself help support the Voxpopgames Platform and Community by promoting all that is Voxpopgames on this site to give exposure to a wider audience for the Platform Streamers / Developers and the Indie Games.

Platform Streamers gain access to some awesome games and new content for their streams specifically for Indie Gaming which itself provides a different audience Genre on Twitch.

The support from VoxPop Games is amazing a long with the staff that help to keep things kicking and awesome ( SalamiAttack: Co Founder / COO, Holly: Social Media Manager), not to mention provide some amazing support for the Platform Streamers including the Indie Developers as well.

Do check out Voxpopgames Platform and the Community behind it, you won’t be disappointed! Be Indie or be Square!

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About the Author

L1L F3LL4 is a Streamer on the Twitch Platform primarily streaming Survival games like Ark Survival Evolved, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous and various other games since September 2018

Also streams Indie Games from the VoxPop Games Platform as one of their Sponsored Streaming Affiliates supporting the VP Indie Developer community to showcase their awesome games on his Twitch Channel, he also Mods on the VP Discord as well

He is also part of the Ardens Esports Organisation helping to spear head their Stream Team as Ardens’s Stream Team Manager, whilst being head Website Editor for the Ardens web pages on the Wyvern Realm site.