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NOTICE: Blog Updated 08/01/21

The Future of Peer-to-Peer Indie Gaming

VoxPop Games is a Peer to Peer Game Distribution and Development Platform, founded by Charles Fang Yu (CEO) and Marc Anthony Rodrieguez (Co-Founder & COO) in December 2018.

The aim of VoxPop Games is to provide a Distribution Indie Platform for Small Indie Developers who may not have the capital available to run their own marketing campaigns, this is where Voxpopgames comes in.

VoxPop Games can help by being an incentive based, profit-sharing, word of mouth network where Indie Games can really thrive simply because it deals with Indie Genre Games on the platform a lone.

VoxPop Games provides specialised admin tools where Indie Game Developers can adjust incentive pay-out rates and generate discount codes to run their own promotions with the VoxPop Games Platform Streamers.

How do the Developers & Streamers Benefit?

This Peer to Peer distribution helps to support small Indie Developers and Streamers in several ways to truly make it a force for all, a unique partnership that works for both.

The platform provides small Indie Game Developers and their games an additional platform for their games to be shown on, with the added benefit of having Streamers stream these Indie games from their own Twitch channels opening up another avenue of exposure to different audiences.

It’s already hard enough for small Indie Developers to get their Games out there due to funding to be able to run Adverts etc, and VoxPop Games just gives that little helping hand into the door of Indie Gaming as it specifically caters for this Genre.

Indie Developer

  • A Platform just for Indie Games that is easily accessible
  • A Cut in the Sale of the Game
  • Connections to Streamers
  • Access to a wider audience via Streamers
  • In-direct Streaming Platform Access


  • A Platform to access Indie Games
  • A Cut in the Sale of the Game via Streamers VoxPop Games Streamer Profile Recommendations
  • Access to array of Indie Games for new Content
  • In-directly Access to the Indie Gaming Community
How Recommendations work on Voxpopgames
Indie Games on Voxpopgames


VoxPop Games has a ever growing supportive Community so if you would like to get involved and get to know Voxpopgames family join the Discord to be part of something amazing.

The Community is made up of some awesome people from all walks of life, race, ethnicity, countries, which makes it very diverse, all brought together with one passion, Indie Gaming.

You’ll find some unique individuals from the wonderful SalamiAttack to VoxpopHolly down to the Indie Developers like Longplay_Games or even our Platform Streamer Partner Jascoper (Sting You Later).


The Platform is currently in it’s Open Beta Access Stage and the Voxpopgames Team are hard at work bringing in new features to benefit Indie Developers and Streamers from behind the scenes to the very front page of the Platform.

Currently the Platform supports the ability to host Demo versions of Indie Games, which is a great way for the Indie Developers to entice people to check their game’s out before hand and encourage a sale.

Features for Indie Developers on the platform will also be released such as the ability to Gift copies of their games, profile and file statistics and many other features that VoxPop Games has in the pipeline to support Indie Developers It’s really easy to download and install, it even has a nifty update feature when updates are pushed out.

There is soo much potential here with the Voxpopgames Platform, Team, Community, Indie Developers and Streamers; Voxpopgames is sure to make waves in the Indie Gaming Scene and become something truly positive for many that engage.

You can download the Platform here so what are you waiting for, there are some awesome Indie Games to check out!


Check It Out

About the Author

L1L F3LL4 is a Streamer on the Twitch Platform primarily streaming Survival games like Ark Survival Evolved, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous and various other games since September 2018

Also streams Indie Games from the VoxPop Games Platform as one of their Sponsored Streaming Affiliates supporting the VP Indie Developer community to showcase their awesome games on his Twitch Channel, he also Mods on the VP Discord as well

He is also part of the Ardens Esports Organisation helping to spear head their Stream Team as Ardens’s Stream Team Manager, whilst being head Website Editor for the Ardens web pages on the Wyvern Realm site.